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WAH Farms CBD Hemp extract products are made with full-spectrum CBD.

So What Does That Mean?

A full-spectrum CBD extract is wholesome and not synthetic. In other words, it’s taken from the hemp plant, not created in a lab to mimic cannabidiol. The extraction methods used to create isolates typically involve the use of toxic chemicals like acetone or butane. We believe in keeping the plant as naturally intact as possible, so we use CO2 Extraction (which is the cleanest and safest way to extract CBD).

Full-spectrum means that all the nutritive parts of the hemp plant are distilled into a pure, potent extract. Instead of using harsh chemical processes to isolate and extract only the cannabidiol, a full-spectrum extract gently preserves the entire “entourage” of components naturally present in hemp:

    Over 85 cannabinoids | More than 500 phytonutrients | Terpenes | Flavonoids | Antioxidants | Essential oils.
What is CBD
What is CBD

The Entourage Effect

When the full spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and essential oils is present in CBD extract, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. The combination of components creates a synergy that doesn’t–and can’t–exist in a synthetic CBD or isolate. Extracting the full spectrum of compounds from hemp unlocks CBD’s full potential with vastly improved results and a balanced, more natural cannabinoid experience.

The cannabinoid components in full-spectrum CBD are a lot like an orchestra; each instrument has its own role, but the real music is created when they all play together. And not only do the cannabinoids in full-spectrum CBD play well together; they create a symphony of sorts, harmonizing and intoning in ways that none of the components would be capable of alone.