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What is cannabidiol (CBD)?

Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring cannabinoid and one of the most abundant constituents of hemp. CBD is safe to consume and is non-psychoactive. It has been long prized for its beneficial health effects without the side effects of prescription medications.

Do you test your products for quality and safety?

Yes. Wah Farms prides itself in having the highest standards for quality, purity and potency. CBD is third party tested for: Cannabinoid Profiling, Pesticide Testing, Microbiological Screening, Terpene Analysis and Residual Solvent Testing.

Where do you source your CBD oil from?

Our CBD oil is made with all natural sun grown Hemp in Oregon and is 100% free of any synthetic or artificial ingredients. Hemp oil from industrial hemp is currently legal to ship within the United States.

Will CBD make me feel "high?"

No. You will not experience a "high" feeling from ingesting CBD oil. The CBD oil used in CBD is derived from industrial hemp and is non-psychoactive.

How Much CBD should I be taking Daily?"

Since CBD is a food/health Supplement there is no exact amount you should take. Every persons body and symptoms differ. The good thing is there are no significant side effects from CBD Oil. If you are new to CBD we recommend you start off slow and increase your dosages until you find your “sweet spot”.

How do I calculate how much CBD is in each serving?"

Here is a good guideline to follow for our products: 1 Full Eye Dropper = 1 ML of CBD Oil
Classic Premium Sample 350 MG .5 OZ Bottle - 1 ML = Approx. 24 MG of CBD
Original Classic Premium 700 MG 1 OZ Bottle - 1 ML = Approx. 24 MG of CBD
Full Strength Premium 2000 MG 1 OZ Bottle - 1 ML = Approx. 66 MG of CBD

Will CBD make me fail a drug test?

In most cases, unless you consume large dosages right before your test CBD is considered to be undetectable in saliva or urine tests. We do provide a full spectrum product with trace elements of THC, so if you are worried about drug testing please consult a physician before taking our product All CBD products comply with applicable state and federal regulations regarding tetrahydrocannabinol content.

Are there any negative side effects?

CBD is safe, non-psychotropic and has no known adverse side effects.

What is CO2 extraction?

Wah Farms uses a chemical-free CO2 extraction process that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull the desired phytochemicals (such as CBD) from a plant. Our process is free of any harsh chemical solvents often used to extract CBD oil. CO2 extraction is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It is also considered the most expensive and safest plant extraction method in the world.

Do you offer a return policy?

Yes. Your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why your order is back by a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Can you ship Wah CBD to every state?

Now that the new Farm Bill has passed, We can ship CBD to every U.S. State. We currently are not shipping Internationally.