Cannabis Concentrates – Different Types

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Marijuana concentrate can be used to describe a wide range of cannabis products. There is much to learn about cannabis concentrate consumption, including the complex chemical profiles and confusing terminology.

You can learn more about CBD concentrates, and the process of making them. This will help you choose the right type of concentration for you. Knowing the different concentrations of THC will make it less likely that you overconsume it.

What Cannabis Concentrates Are?

Concentrates contain high-potency concentrated amounts of cannabis resins including cannabinoids, terpenes, and more. Concentrates of cannabis contain high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol or cannabidiol. Concentrates of marijuana can contain up to four times the amount of THC than top-shelf buds.

Concentrates are usually packaged in small, circular containers that look like lip-balm. Some cannabis concentrates are packaged in a flat, plastic bag. Because of the concentration, packaging can vary. The extraction method determines the concentration’s consistency.

Different Types Of Extraction Methods

Because of the way that different types of cannabis concentrates are created, they are sometimes called cannabis extracts. There are many methods to extract cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids. Humanity is learning more about the benefits and psychoactive components of cannabis as chemistry and medical research improves. These compounds can be extracted, separated, and studied to make marijuana concentrates.

Every extraction method is different. Each extracts cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant material. It turns out that the more you understand the differences in extraction methods, the easier finding cannabis concentrates that meet your preferences and needs.

Solved extractions

Evaporative solvents are used to extract various compounds from cannabis. The extraction of cannabis compounds using solvents is more efficient than other methods. This allows for concentrates that are well-constructed and separated.


Isolate concentrates are almost 100% pure CBD and THC cannabinoids. The compound isolation and extraction methods achieve nearly complete separation of the desired compounds and their removal. It is then processed with heat and agitation. The extracts will crystallize from this process.


The production of distillate is very similar to that of isolate. The distillation process does not allow for the isolation or purification of all cannabinoids. The product may not be as potent as isolates due to this limitation. Distillates have a wider range of cannabinoids than isolates and offer a more balanced high.

Live reins:

Instead of drying cannabis before cannabinoid extraction, you can freeze it. This method allows for the gentle extraction of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other beneficial compounds from a cannabis plant that has been frozen in time and is still in its prime. A hydrocarbon mixture of propane and butane is used to extract the cannabis compounds from live resin.

Solved extractions

All solventless extraction methods include heat, pressure, ice, and agitation. These methods are preferred by many cannabis consumers over solvent-based extraction because they reduce the chance of residual contaminants being left behind.


Rosin is the most basic form of concentrate production. You can make a mixture of all the psychoactive and non-psychoactive components cannabis has to offer using low heat and high pressurization. Although this method is not suitable for purification or isolation, it can be used to create potent cannabis extracts quickly and easily.


Another form of cannabis concentrate is called “hash”, or hashish. It uses a solventless extraction process. The trichomes, which are the resin-producing glands on a cannabis plant, produce hash. According to an article published by the Frontiers in Plant Science, trichomes secrete resinous secretions that contain cannabinoids, and terpenes and are sought after by many in the cannabis sector.

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